October 14, 2015

Objective: Become familiar with photo software and make a sprite for your project.

Open up your project and continue working

Go to Pixabay https://pixabay.com/ and chose a picture your team can add to your project in Scratch. Then save it to your flashdrive.

Then open the GIMP2 or Paint.net software, open up the picture you just saved, and make a change to it.

Your team can also make an original picture in GIMP2 or Paint.net instead if you wish.

Then open up the project your team saved last time in the Scratch2 software and begin to make changes to it. Add the picture your team created as a sprite and use it in your project some place.

Optional work at home :

Play one of the Scratch Games

Continue working on your project.

Next Meeting: October 21st 3:00p.m. - 5:00p.m. We will work on adding audio to your project.